September 2nd, 2012

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The Prince and the Song

*I would like to state that I never have and never will flame someone. I believe writing is meant to be enjoyed and if you don't like something then don't read it. With that said, I would also like to say that I am just doing this to share fics that I have read and came to love.

**This one actually came to attention thanks to Scarves and Coffee recommending it at the top of their site :)

The Prince and the Song by E Harper

Kurt is the Prince of Vaerithea, a kingdom filled with natural and magical wonders. The Prince, however, is dying. The King will not accept this fate and sends his knights to find the only mythical object he believes will cure his son's illness: The Song of Salvation. How will the King react upon the discovery that the Song is, in actuality, an immortal boy who calls himself Blaine? And what happens when they realize that Blaine cannot, in fact, sing any song at all? Kurt, oddly, is not concerned...

This story is rated M, WIP with 6 chapters to date, and as of right now 8937 words.
Categories listed as: AU, Drama, H/C, Romance

Characters: I really liked this story firstly because of her Kurt. He wasn't the beaten down type you often see in hurt/comfort fics. Instead he was head strong - in a non "I'm going to be blind to everything else" way - and he was very upfront with what he believed and who he was.
Burt is portrayed as a very protective, but calm and reasonable man. I really loved that even though he cared about Kurt, he didn't blow his top and yell every time something didn't go right, or if Kurt got something as tiny as a paper cut.
Blaine is the third character that's also very present in this story. Much like Burt, he's very calm. However, he in no way blends into the background. If a fictional character could ever be described as "radiating a wise calm" it would be this Blaine.

Writing Style: E Harper's writing style can be described as nice and easy. She's descriptive in the right amounts (e.x. doesn't spend an entire paragraph describing a lake or a forest) and she also doesn't have her characters going off into internal monologues all the time. I can honestly say, I have read those types of stories and had to stop reading them because I couldn't force myself to read something that started to become dry. After all, reading should be fun :)
One more thing I also loved, the emotions she's able to make her character's portray. Honestly, I think it's done beautifully. Simple as that.

All in all, I feel E Harper's characters are very life like, her writing style flows seamlessly with the AU world she's painted, and I definitely can't wait till the next update.